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Follow Reason – Not People, Movements, and Parties

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Seeking Truth – Facing Ourselves We can find our ideas from many sources; religion, the media, schools, governments, eastern philosophies, western philosophies, and so on.  What “sticks” is a little different for each person. …

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The Top Ten Most Anarchist Moments of Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand’s Ten Most Anarchist Moments While Ayn Rand was nominally a statist, many of the passages from her works point toward anarchism as a political system that is compatible with Objectivism. The Source of individual Rights The source of … Continue reading

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Orthodox Objectivist Harry Binswanger Mocks the Passing of Libertarian Icon Barbara Branden

This is despicable behavior for anyone, but it is especially sad from a longtime associate of Ayn Rand and affiliate of the Ayn Rand Institute. Orthodox Objectivist’s like Binswanger are so bitter and petty.

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How to Spread Anarchy

Occasionally, someone will ask me why I spend time on orthodox objectivist forums, debating, and generally being exposed to the nastiness only statists seem capable of. Here is a copy of a message I received this week on, where … Continue reading

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